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Cabin On The River

Our family history on the Kansas River began in the mid 1930's when the first generation of Sachs' built a small cabin on the north bank of the Kansas River near Silver Lake, KS. The first cabin that was built by my great grandfather was a small single story hunting and fishing cabin which was completed in 1936. My great grandfather and grandfather would spend the weekends hunting, fishing and trapping as a way to supplement both their income and their diet. These were tough years and during these times people were forced feed their families with whatever they had access too and for the Sachs family they had access to the plentiful wildlife in and along the Kaw River. In 1951 the massive flood destroyed the small cabin forcing our family to rebuild. My grandfather rebuilt a more modern cabin just down stream from the original building site less than a half a mile. Construction on this new cabin was completed in the fall of 1952 and the Sachs family again had taken claim on the banks of the Kaw. Times got better after grandpa returned from the Korean war and the family no longer had to hunt, fish and trap as a means to supplement their income. During this time the cabin began to transition from a means of supplementing income into a more of a weekend retreat. Over the years this cabin saw high water, severe storms and various other natural occurrences that weathered the cabin to the point that it could no longer be fully enjoyed. The decision was made by my father in the spring of 2005 to build a new, more modern cabin with all the comforts of home. There were many battles with state, local and federal government agencies but our persistence finally payed off when the construction was completed in the fall of 2006. The current Sachs Cabin is a beautiful memorial to both our families history and most importantly to our families future on the banks of the mighty Kansas River.

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